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Massage is one of the most effective and safest ways of loosening stiff neck and shoulders. Studies show that consistent neck massage improves neck strength and flexibility, improves the blood circulation to the brain, alleviates mild to moderate headache, migraine, neck and shoulder pain and inflammation, and relieves stress.

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1. Recovery of muscle soreness
Massaging sore areas of the body encourages increased blood flow and oxygen which helps soothe pain and reduce inflammation. Think of massages as a natural painkiller! After a massage your range of motion will also improve due to the removal of built-up lactic acid which causes stiffness in muscles (2).

2. Helps reduce migraines
Massages are a natural alternative, without side effects, that help headaches and migraine pain. Massage can relieve muscle spasms and helps blood circulation, which reduces pressure in the head. A study found that patients with ongoing migraines experienced a dramatic reduce in headache pain with neck and shoulder massage treatment (3).

3. Reduces stress and anxiety.
Not only your body will benefit from massages, but your mood elevates too. We carry anxiety in our shoulders, back and neck. Studies found an increase in serotonin and dopamine levels in participants who had massage treatments (1). When our body is relaxed, so is our nervous system. Our heart rate lowers and so does our breathing, massages are a useful way to realign your body. Companies like Google offer their employees regular massage treatments because it lessens employee stress and subsequently improves overall job satisfaction. Effects are even stronger when the masseuse uses a scented massage oil to further invoke calm and relaxation.

4. Strengthens immune system.
If you find yourself not catching a cold after repetitive treatments, you might have to thank your masseuse for that. Participants who took part in a study which consisted of one to two massages a week had an increase of white blood cells and lymphocytes, which are vital for fighting off illnesses and infections (4).


Why Buy A Neck Massager?
A neck massager can help you feel relaxed after a stressful day. You can get stress on your neck and back after long hours of work and that can affect your mood. You may feel so tired after work that all you want to do is go straight home and sleep right away.

With a neck massager, you can get away from the tension that you have acquired from working for long periods. A massager can release you’re from the tension that you feel on your neck and shoulder muscles. You should consider having a neck massager because using this device for a few minutes can help you feel better.

How Do Neck Massagers Work?
Neck massagers work by stimulating the muscles and the nerve endings of the nape of the neck, back and base of the head  as well as your shoulders with gentle yet effective massage strokes. Many neck 7 shoulder massagers are made of comfortable cotton or polyester lining over a durable plastic or lightweight metal enclosure that fits along your neck and shoulders like a large neck pillow. They have different buttons to control vibration speed and may also have heat controls to help soothe and relax the neck, back and shoulder areas.

All of these may only weigh up to 3 pounds or less so it is easy to have it on your neck and back. Some massagers may come in battery operated options for a more convenient relaxing experience or may be corded and can even be converted to get power from a car’s dashboard with a 9 volt car adapter accessory.

What’s the Difference Between Neck Massagers and Other Massagers?
Neck and Shoulder massagers are specially devised massagers that come in a range of options, from u-shaped to wrap around to curved massagers, all build to specifically concentrate on those pressure spots in your neck and shoulders. Often, they would be usable in other parts of the body, but their core purpose is to focus on the neck and shoulder knots.

Most neck and shoulder massagers are of the electric variety, and most will be either strapped around the neck and shoulder, or would be in a cushion format to allow relaxing on them while being massage. They also tend to be highly portable. There are some hand held massagers that may work well for massaging either you neck or shoulders, and even some manual massagers (without power source, relying on your strength to press). The best type of massager to get is one that allows you to relax and does all the work itself, and as such we favor the electric, heated variety of massagers.

How often should you use a neck massager?
Massage is a way to relieve neck pain in the short term, and getting frequent massages may be most beneficial. One study found that getting a 60-minute massage two or three times a week showed more benefit for those with neck pain than getting a 60-minute massage once a week or a few 30-minute massages weekly.

How long can you use a neck massager for?
While deep tissue massages can stimulate old wounds, the side effects associated with it shouldn’t last long. You should consult a doctor if you experience pain or any of the side effects beyond a few days. It’s best to avoid any vigorous movements or overextension of the neck.

Can massage release emotions?
Most people who receive massage regularly report feeling relief, a sense of peace or increased relaxation. However, some people may also experience a sudden rush of powerful emotion while receiving bodywork. Whether it is grief, euphoria, anger, fear or sadness, the phenomenon is known as an emotional release.


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