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FitXtec Water Rower for a full body workout
The FitXtec Water Rower is a unique piece of exercise equipment which not only contributes to training your endurance or cardio, but you also exercise 85% of the muscles of your body.

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There are several types of rowing machines based on the resistant media like magnetic, air, mechanical friction etc. For the last few years the water has become the most popular media of resistance. Hence the most popular machines became the water rowers or water rower machines. Their advantage is that the resistance of rowing they provide is almost identical to the natural water rowing conditions. Best of all while you’re exercising you hear the same water splash as if you are rowing on open water!

The water rowing machines are so popular that you can find dozens of different constructions. As our goal is to provide equipment for home exercising, we have selected a water rower built with solid walnut wood, strong and aesthetically looking with red walnut grains that can become a part of your home furniture. Our second priority is to minimize the space it takes up. (It  can be stored vertically in a corner of your room).

  •  Built with Solid Wood – This rowing machine is made of real solid red walnut wood, strong and sturdy. It is not only nicely designed, but perfectly made with an immaculate finish. It looks like a piece of furniture with the natural wood grains.
  • Easy to Assemble & Easy StorageThe FitXtec rowing machine comes in 2 packages, please make sure both of them have arrived before you start assembling the machine. A detailed user manual, showing step by step how to assemble it is included. It can be stored vertically in a room corner and with the wheels at the bottom can be moved around your apartment.
    – Endurance and Strength without pressure on the jointsThis rowing machine is a full-body workout option since it literally targets all your major muscle groups and low impact on the knee joints. You can regulate the resistance by changing the capacity of water, it’s great for low-intensity fat burning cardio maintaining constant heart rate, or extreme muscle-building sessions.
    – Equipped with Bluetooth MonitorThe advanced monitor keeps track of important statistics during your workout like Strokes Per Minute (SPM), Time spent, Distance rowed, and Average Calories Burnt per hour. You can also wear a Bluetooth heart rate sensor constantly transferring information to the display.
    – Real Rowing Experience & Silent WorkoutWith the quiet soothing sound of rushing water, you will never disturb your family or neighbors while giving yourself the real water rowing experience. With a noise level below 65 DB, you can row at any time you want.


What is rowing machine good for?
Rowing machines are one of the most efficient pieces of exercise equipment because at the same time you are exercising your body endurance and muscle strength. You can maintain constant heart rate while exercising nearly all muscles of your body 

What are the advantages of water rowing machine?
 The water rowing machine is based on the resistance of paddles in enclosed full of water round container. This is the closest to natural environment simulator of rowing. As in real conditions you use more effort to go faster, same rule appliers for the water rower. Therefore, you don’t need constantly to adjust the resistance like some mechanical rowing machines, but you can add or drain some water which is equivalent to rowing deeper in water or close to the surface. .

Is rowing machine cardio?
Yes, it is a low impact cardio workout. You can adjust the level of intensity by maintaining a constant hear rate based on your age and body fit. 

Is the water rowing machine noisy?
The FitXtek is a standard water rower, which means when you pull the handle, you’re moving a water flywheel through a tank. You only hear splashing water similar to outdoor rowing.  

Where to buy water rowing machine?
Traditionally, you could go to Canadian Tire and buy a rowing machine or order it online. Now, your best bet is online Here at at a competitive price. Best of all for the price that you would pay at other places you will receive three essential pieces of fitness equipment for a full-body workout, plus a free Ab Wheel.

Have any further Rowing Machine questions?
We love answering our customer’s questions. Be in touch, and we will .


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