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For an effective and challenging workout use and ab roller
No matter if you’ve built some core strength by crunches or you start now, with the FitXtec ab roller you can go to a new challenging level or start from scratch just depending on the technic you use. The rollout exercise engages all your body, not just the abs. The positioning requires a lot of upper body strength and it does require a lot of trunk stability, so it works the lower back as well, and it engages the glutes, improves trunk stability and strength which leads to a better posture.

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Our Ab wheel roller has been uniquely designed with a Power-assisted Spring. This helps to increase the push out resistance and helps with scroll wheel rollback. Our ergonomic handle design not only makes it comfortable but also helps to reduce the pressure on the wrist, arm and shoulder. The handle is detachable and easy to assemble, which makes it easy to exercise wherever you want. We also provide the best quality knee pads on the market! It is soft, eco friendly and does not contain any harmful phthalates. After many times of use, it provides a firm grip and strong support, thus making your exercise easier.

The wheel of our ab roller is wide, and durable, making it easier to control and is suitable for beginners and advanced users.

If we compare the Fixtec Ab wheel with what is currently on the market, thin wheeled, with a metal tube in the middle which does not help with the resistance of rebound, you will see that our product is far superior and is perfect for easy and effective exercise.


Does and Ab Roller work?
Yes, 100% if you are wanting a ribbed midsection. It works your entire body while enhancing your abs.

Does an ab roller reduce belly fat?
Yes, if you are looking for a toned midsection, an ab roller is what you want.

What muscles does and ab roller work?
Your arm muscles, your abs and your core

Is and ab roller better than sit ups?
Yes, it is. With situps, you are just working your abs. With an ab roller, you are working your arms, abdominal muscles and your core.

How often should I use an ab roller?
Aim for three times a week.

How long before I see results after using an ab roller?
If you follow a regular workout routine with your ab roller, you should see results within three months


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