Our Mission

Current Situation:

There was a sizable decline in the use of public gyms during 2020 and 2021. Many corporations adopted the work from home approach which change the daily routine of many people. This created a necessity for more physical activity at the place of living and it subsequently generated a demand for compact and efficient exercise equipment. Most of the fitness equipment manufactured for the last ten years was designed for fitness centers which makes it unsuitable for urban condo dwellers.


At the same time the sales of fitness equipment increased, and many manufacturers, distributors and merchants started to capitalize from this situation by inflating the prices. In fact, the highest prices was because of the mass TV advertising campaign of many brand name fitness equipment companies.

  1. Increased demand for fitness centres in city cores due to urbanization.
  2. Limited space due to space constraints of condominium living.
  3. Congestion at public fitness facilities, especially during rush hours (before and after work).
  4. Poor hygienic conditions at public fitness facilities.
  5. Increased demand for at home fitness solutions as more people are working from home.
FitXtec My Condo Gym
FitXtec Water Rower


Our goal was to carefully select single components of equipment based on their efficiency and then combine them into a set which can substitute multiple fitness machines currently used in fitness centers. The second priority was the lower footprint of this equipment so it can be stored and used at smaller living urban environment like condos. And the third priority was to make a whole set of equipment competitively priced to currently offered single pieces.

  1. The FITXTEC equipment system is compact to fit anywhere. It can be used in a single bedroom/office and, despite its compact size, it has been engineered to provide users with a full body workout.
  2. Competitively priced as it is sold directly to consumers via MYCONDOGYM.COM
  3. A home gym enables customers to control the hygienic conditions of their environment.
  4. A home gym enables customers to use their equipment when they want as opposed to when it is available.
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